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About Tomorrow's Retail Floors

Tomorrow’s Retail Floors provides coverage on the latest news, issues and advancements in the retail flooring industry.

The magazine’s unique digital format enables readers to stay one step ahead of the industry wherever they are, whether in the home or office. The magazine can be easily accessed online or via the Opus Business Media app on mobile devices. Back issues are stored in a useful archive to provide invaluable reference to industry developments.

Not only is our digital format convenient for the reader but it also allows advertisers to enhance their copy with video clips showcasing their products or services. With a click of a button our readers can see your product demonstrations from the comfort of their own desk. This key advertising tool means you can present your innovations to over 3,914 distributors and manufacturers, 17,807 interior designers, 5,176 retailers, and 2,742 installers.

Tomorrow’s Retail Floors is editorially driven and keeps readers updated with comprehensive coverage on the latest industry news. Regular features include new products and product developments, service innovations, installations, training and education, new legislation, special promotions and market trends ensuring that our readers have all of the information at their fingertips.

As a monthly magazine, Tomorrow’s Retail Floors will always remain at the forefront of the industry.

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